Atlantic Province Secretary

Kappa Psi Atlantic Province

Logan Anderson


I am honored to serve as the Atlantic Province Secretary for this term. My name is Logan Anderson and I currently attend the Mercer University College of Pharmacy, where I was initiated into the Gamma Psi Chapter of Kappa Psi in the Spring of 2022. At the chapter level, I have served as the Vice Regent, Secretary, Historian, Philanthropy Chair, and Scholarship Chair. Prior to the current term, I served the province on the Web Development Committee. Additionally, I am a recipient of the 2023 Kappa Psi Cadet Scholarship.

I joined Kappa Psi because I saw our Chapter’s commitment to holding high ideals and sought to develop my professionalism among a community of like-minded peers. My mindset is that of seeking to be better than the best version of myself. I’m always looking for opportunities to hone my soft skills through new experiences. Kappa Psi has opened the door to many unique opportunities to better myself.

I grew up moving from place to place in an Air Force family which settled in Warner Robins, Georgia. My personal interests include videogames, tennis, and weightlifting. After graduation, my eyes are set on pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. I love the idea of managing both upcoming and approved products to help fill the unmet needs of patients. If you have similar career interests and would like to chat, just connect with me on LinkedIn!

I look forward to serving the Atlantic Province as Secretary for this term! And if you see me at a conference or assembly, stop by to say hi!


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