Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is the oldest and largest pharmacy fraternity with a mission to develop leaders with a passion for service to their community while creating lifelong professional connections. Once a brother of Kappa Psi, you become a brother for life.

The Kappa Psi Atlantic Province itself oversees 5 states (Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) which currently holds ten active chapters.


Man Mile Awards
Theta, Winter 2024
Gamma Psi, Summer 2023
Beta Xi, Winter 2023

Gamma Psi, Winter & Summer 2022
Gamma Psi, Winter 2017
Delta Lambda, Winter 2015

RISE Scholarship Awards
Katelyn Parcell & Jamarius Carvin, 2023
Daniel Patron & Jacob Stroud, 2022
Kyle Noonan, 2021

Cadet Scholarship Awards
Blake Smith & Logan Anderson, 2023
Josiah Moore & Ashley Whims, 2022
Utoy Wong, 2021

GCC Awards
Innovations in Recruitment Award 2022, Delta Lambda
Community Impact Award 2022, Delta Lambda
Top Performing Chapter 2022, Delta Lambda

Graduate Attendance Awards 
North Carolina Grad, 2024
Atlanta, North Carolina, & Buies Creek, 2023

Brother Spotlights

Recognizing outstanding Brothers of the fraternity

2022 Brotherhood Spotlights

Madison has been an integral part in keeping her chapter moving smoothly during these uncertain times. She has spent an incredible amount of time and effort making sure every brother is kept up to date on what needs to be done when everyone is spread all across the country in quarantine. Holding virtual meetings for new officers to brief them on their newfound responsibilities, always willing to answer any question without
hesitation on what needs to be done and what to look for moving forward.
As she moves into her final year of rotations we are eager to see how much impact her
steadfast nature and willingness to help carries her into a future pharmacy career.

Mary-Ashlyn Tucker, Delta Lambda’s current Regent, is a third-year pharmacy student at Campbell University. She is a Kinston, NC native and completed her undergraduate studies at Lenoir Community College and Campbell University. Mary-Ashlyn’s love of her community is evident through the numerous organizations and events she has participated in during her time at Campbell. She balances work, her studies, community, and Kappa Psi so effortlessly. She radiates positivity and her determination to succeed is second to none. Her peers would describe her as a natural born leader who is stoic, poised, and is an individual they can always depend on. She has navigated our Kappa Psi chapter through a curriculum change, new rush and pledging policies, and currently the COVID-19 pandemic. Our chapter could not nominate another individual who is more deserving of this Brother spotlight.

Matt was recently elected to the National Member at Large position for APhA-ASP and served as the president of our school’s chapter during the 2019-2020 year. In addition to his success within APhA, Matt is a member of the Rho Chi Honor Society and served as a Peer Mentor for the incoming class of first year pharmacy students at UNC. Matt is an outstanding brother and always willing to help out.

Mason Bader is a rising P4 who has positively impacted Kappa Psi Theta Chapter and VCU’s School of Pharmacy. Mason has gone far and beyond his duties as pledge educator by creating several proposals to make pledging an enjoyable experience despite the pandemic. He paved the way to forming VCU’s very first chapter of College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists. His infectious charisma and work ethic are qualities any great leader should have and he is well deserving of a brother spotlight.

Tate is a 2018 initiate of Kappa Psi Epsilon Zeta and a P3 student at BGCOP. Tate is a silent star of our chapter and upholds the values of this brotherhood through is actions daily. He is currently the operation immunization chair for our school’s APhA chapter and has stepped into this position after serving as the co-chair this past school year. He assists in whatever needs are presented to him and make us proud in the way he strives for high ideals daily. At his current job at a pharmacy intern at Walgreens, he is truly a team player and works along side pharmacists who are graduate brothers of Epsilon Zeta. Tate is an unsung hero in our chapter but, his dedication to his brothers and the profession of pharmacy does not go unnoticed. This upcoming year, he will be stepping into the role of Sergeant of Arms for our chapter and we expect nothing but the best from this professional and welcoming member of our chapter.

2021 Brotherhood Spotlights
Daniel Padron

No one Brother has been more dedicated and well-deserving of the spotlight than Daniel Padron. He consistently reaches new heights through his focused and hard-working personality. Daniel has accomplished much in the past year and represented Gamma Phi extraordinarily well without drawing attention. Last year, he spent the summer in Baltimore interning at the renowned John Hopkins Hospital. In late February, he was nominated for a UGA award celebrating his devotion to creating a more equitable and inclusive society. Daniel just recently received his MBA from UGA, building on his already impressive resume. The Gamma Phi chapter is proud of Daniel and his strong devotion to this fraternity. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for him and how he continues to shape the world.

2019 Brotherhood Spotlights

Name: Gil Arquisola

Chapter and initiation year: Gamma Psi Spring 2017

Why you chose pharmacy: After graduating in 2011 with a BBA in Management from Mercer University, I had little to no idea what I wanted to do career wise. I worked throughout undergrad at CVS/Pharmacy at the time as a shift supervisor in order to pay undergraduate fraternity dues. I asked my manager to work more hours, but the only offer he could give me was to work as a pharmacy technician. I enjoyed my technician duties, helping patients, and learning about the drugs that my patients were receiving and sought to apply to pharmacy school in order to become a pharmacist.

Why you chose Kappa Psi: On my second day of orientation, I vividly remember the P3 Kappa Psi Brothers in their red polos that were being introduced as the organizational leaders on campus. There were at least five Brothers that held president positions out of the group of leaders introducing their respective organization to my P1 class. My experience as my undergrad fraternity president, naturally helped me to gravitate towards the Brothers of Kappa Psi and to do whatever it took to become a Brother. It is the single best decision I've ever made in pharmacy school.

Future Plans: I’m pursuing an interest in residency. I will be doing my P4 APPE rotations back in my hometown of Macon, GA. I hope to either work towards residency or obtain a position as a staff pharmacist at one of the three hospitals located in Macon.   

Fun Fact(s) about yourself: I recently finished my term as Regent of the Gamma Psi Chapter and served as High Alpha of the Zeta Omega Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Mercer University in Macon. My interests outside of school include watching sports (Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, ATL United, Chicago Blackhawks), cooking, and deep-sea fishing.

Leadership Roles (Kappa Psi or other organizations): Gamma Psi Regent, Pledgemaster, IFC Representative, Atlantic Province Pledge Development Committee, Kappa Psi International Ritual Committee, Phi Lambda Sigma Vice-President, AMCP Treasurer, Mercer Ambassador Leadership Team

Accomplishments (Pharmacy and/or community related): Kappa Psi #1 Collegiate Chapter of the Year (twice), Gamma Psi Pledge of the Year (2017)

How has Kappa Psi positively influenced you life and/or career? I've always believed that the more work I put into Kappa Psi and helping my Chapter be the best we can be, the reward will be worth much more. The reward of being a Brother of Gamma Psi has provided me with leadership opportunities I would have never fathomed at the beginning of my path in pharmacy school. The support of the Grad Brothers and their endorsement of my work ethic and leadership is invaluable to me and is my motivation to work through any struggles or hindrances that may come my way towards becoming a successful pharmacist.

What inspired or motivated you to begin the activities for which you are being recognized? My motivation is my Brothers. Pushing them to be the best person they can be helps to push me to be the best person I can be. I would not have made it this far in pharmacy school without my Brothers and I owe it to them to be present and help them in any way I possibly can.

Did you face any challenges along the way? If so, how did you overcome them?  It gets difficult to balance school, leadership roles, Kappa Psi, and time for family and friends. It helps to have friends and family that understand that my time has to be devoted on my personal and professional goals. Their support has meant the world to me. I've had to sacrifice being able to attend many life events, weddings, birthdays, and gatherings, in order to uphold my responsibilities. I'd say having a great support group of Brothers, extremely close friends, and my family have helped me to overcome any challenges I've had to face in life and in pharmacy school.

Chapter Spotlights

To recognize the incredible ways our chapters work


The Beginnings

Society Kappa Psi
est. 1879

The professional fraternity which is known today as the Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc., was founded on May 30, 1879, at the Russell Military Institute, a family institute for boys in New Haven, Connecticut. Its founder was F. Harvey Smith and it was known as “Society Kappa Psi.” A second chapter was established at the Cheshire Military Academy, located at Cheshire, Connecticut, on November 30, 1879. These two chapters were no longer in existence when a third chapter was formed at Hillhouse Academy in New Haven, Connecticut, on October 7, 1894. Hillhouse was withdrawn on June 30, 1895.

Although Kappa Psi was conceived as a local prep school fraternity, the idea of a national organization developed in the minds of several members as these three chapters had been organized, Russell, Cheshire, Hillhouse. On December 10, 1895, alumni members of the three chapters organized a temporary, nonaffiliated Greek letter chapter which they named Alpha Chapter. F. Harvey Smith was elected as Grand “A” and Preston W. Eldridge, Jr., was elected as Grand “O.” There are few records of the early meetings and other activities of Alpha Chapter as it existed during the period 1895-1898.

Kappa Psi Fraternity
1898 - 1924

Although Kappa Psi was conceived as a local prep school fraternity, the idea of a national organization developed in the minds of several members as these three chapters had been organized, Russell, Cheshire, Hillhouse. On December 10, 1895, alumni members of the three chapters organized a temporary, nonaffiliated Greek letter chapter which they named Alpha Chapter. F. Harvey Smith was elected as Grand “A” and Preston W. Eldridge, Jr., was elected as Grand “O.” There are few records of the early meetings and other activities of Alpha Chapter as it existed during the period 1895-1898.

Kappa Psi Fraternity terminated with the separation of the two professional groups, medicine and pharmacy, at the 1924 Grand Council Convention. It was agreed the reorganization would become effective on January 15, 1925. At the time of the reorganization there were 32 active medical collegiate chapters, 27 active pharmacy collegiate chapters, and five active medical-pharmacy chapters.

The separation of the two groups was not a simple matter, although the rather limited records of the 1924 Convention would seem to indicate that such was the case. Regardless of the problems experienced during the 26 years the union had existed, it must be acknowledged that the two professions created in Kappa Psi an outstanding professional fraternity.

The pharmacy group retained the Greek letters “Kappa” and “Psi” and the new organization was designated as Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity. The medical organization became Theta Kappa Psi Medical Fraternity. The pharmacy group retained the offices of Grand Regent and Grand Vice Regent and the name of the journal, The Mask.

Kappa Psi Fraternity
1924 - Present

Although the Fraternity would hold only one Grand Council Convention between 1925 and 1941, the Fraternity continued its growth as a pharmaceutical fraternity under the leadership of Preston W. Eldridge, Jr., who was neither a physician nor a pharmacist, A. Richard Bliss, Jr., who served as Editor of The Mask from 1910 until 1941, and W. Bruce Philip, who served as the pharmaceutical Fraternity’s first Grand Regent and Grand Counselor. By the time the next Grand Council Convention was held in 1928 the Fraternity had grown into an organization of 35 collegiate chapters.

The 1930s were the Depression years, a period of serious economic deterioration which created many problems for fraternities. Only three collegiate chapters were chartered between 1932 and 1940. Dr. Heber W. Youngken, Jr., who served as Grand Regent from 1937 until 1941, was a significant leader throughout the Depression era.

World War II had a far greater impact on fraternities than World War I. At the close of the war there were only about 28 chapters listed as active and most of these had but a few members and depleted treasuries. Under the able leadership of Frank H. Eby and Ray S. Kelley the Fraternity survived the war years and experienced its most rapid growth period in history. By 1953 the total of active chapters was 45 including most of the former chapters which had been reactivated along with a number of new chapters.

Since the mid-1950s Kappa Psi has settled into its maturity phase, a maturity marked with stability and controlled refinement of its operation. By the mid-1960s there were 54 collegiate active chapters and 21 active graduate chapters. From 1980 to 1997 the number of active collegiate chapters and graduate chapters remained relatively constant at 60 and 35. Since that time there has been an increase to 82 and 59 respectively.

Highlights leading up to the Centennial in 1979 included the introduction of the scholarship honors certificates in 1958, the education loan fund in 1965, the national scholarship tray award in 1967, and the admission of female Brothers in 1977.

The second 100 years has seen the Fraternity computerize its Central Office and continue to broaden its services. The Kappa Psi Foundation was created in 1992. The Fraternity continues to grow in size with over 80,000 initiates. Over 25 percent of these members were initiated in the last 25 years. This is a great force which represents every important segment of the profession and includes many of the most distinguished names in the annals of American pharmacy.